Zoom’s privacy and security woes in the spotlight

The seemingly insatiable demand among people and businesses alike helps reveal a rash of privacy and security issues facing the platform As countless people are confined to their homes amid efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of videoconferencing software for work, education and leisure is exploding. Of all such communication tools du jour that were suddenly thrust into the limelight, probably none stands out as much as Zoom. The skyrocketing demand among people and businesses alike has helped reveal a rash of privacy and security challenges facing the platform, which is now used even for daily meetings of the UK Government (though, interestingly, the UK Ministry of Defense forbids its [...]

Work from home: Securing RDP and remote access

As work from home is the new norm in the coronavirus era, you’re probably thinking of enabling remote desktop connections for your off-site staff. Here’s how to do it securely. Accessing your servers’ or workstations’ desktops remotely is a great way to manage them. It’s also a huge target for hackers. For example, if hackers can gain access to the administrator login to your Domain Controller, they effectively own your Windows infrastructure and can quickly wreak havoc on your organization. From sending corporate emails to accounting departments and books, to siphoning off your company’s intellectual property, to encrypting all your company’s files and holding them for ransom, hacks on Remote Desktop Protocol [...]

Marriott hacked again, 5.2 million guests affected

Bad actors accessed a range of personally identifiable information, including names, dates of birth and a lot more For the second time within two years, hotel giant Marriott has disclosed that it has suffered a data breach. The new incident has affected 5.2 million of its guests, compromising a range of their personal information, including names, email and mailing addresses, and the names of their employers. Considering that the previous breach affected over half a billion people and exposed a wide range of personal data, some might view the new breach as less damaging. According to the hotel operator’s investigation, the new incident originated in a franchise hotel that operates under the Marriott [...]

Have you backed up your smartphone lately?

With World Backup Day upon us, we walk you through the ways to back up your iPhone or Android phone so that your personal information remains safe In your pocket, you carry a supercomputer that outperforms all the tech that landed Aldrin and Armstrong on the moon. Although you may have heard this claim before, it probably never really resonated with you. Now, if we rephrase that to “you carry a device in your pocket that stores almost every aspect of your life, from memories in the form of photographs to personal notes, reminders, passwords and all kinds of sensitive data”, suddenly it feels a bit more personal. What if your phone [...]

Work from home: Videoconferencing with security in mind

With COVID-19 concerns canceling face-to-face meetings, be aware of the security risks of videoconferencing and how to easily overcome them At the time of writing one-third of the world’s population is enduring restricted movement to stem the spread of COVID-19. The lockdown has driven huge swaths of the working population to become remote workers, many for the first time. The sudden surge in employees, students, teachers, and many other professionals working from home is driving a huge increase in demand for videoconferencing, online collaboration tools and chat systems. On March 11th, Kentik (a network operator based in San Francisco) reported a 200% increase in video traffic during working hours in North America [...]

What happens when the global supply chain breaks?

If we can’t secure the supply chain, eventually everything else will break Recent events have illustrated the need for robust continuity plans, and while these events are still unfolding, it also brings to light the need for robust supply chain planning. A review of the r/sysadmin group on Reddit reveals comments from systems administrators that their orders for laptops, servers, networking gear are being delayed for at least one to two months… so far. And that is for large enterprises, whose purchase contracts typically extend out over several quarters. Smaller businesses may find it even more difficult to obtain computers. When your new PC shipments stall, for example, it creates a self-amplifying [...]