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Please don’t waste your time by going somewhere else! These guys are great!!! They have recovered my lost corrupted Data / Built a web site / Reinstalled Operating systems / Upgraded HD Drive to SSD / Fixed email problems with Microsoft Outlook. Julian and Denis can do it all, and you will KNOW that they care about the service they provide, after speaking with them. I won’t go anywhere else now. I rarely write a review, but this time I finally will. Leave your computer problem(s) with them, it will be assessed, and you will be given the best path to proceed.

Justin Scoutmode

Our server raid 5 crashed over the weekend and all medical data was inaccessible for our clients. Eboxlab onsite team was able to recover data in less then 24 hours and restored network infrastructure for our urgent care operation. Very professional and fastest medical IT support in Denver! Recommended!

Lisa Hoover

I usually do my own computer repairs. This time I needed experts. After paying the diagnostic fee I decided to do the work myself. After running into issues with bios they were eager to assist. I will definitely rely on these guys again in the future. Thanks again. (Iliff location).

Samuel Sherrow

I most highly recommend Dennis and Eboxlab IT Support . They reconfigured our network over a weekend with no business downtime. Alex was here Monday morning as well to make sure everything was working properly. They are extremely knowledgeable and is able to address any issues we may have. If you need IT services I in Denver, you won’t find a better one than Eboxlab.

Caleb Cook

I run a medical practice in Colorado so it’s crucial we have excellent IT service. Dennis and his staff are amazing! We have been with them for over 12 years and we’ve gone through several moves over the years and they have always been there for us are extremely efficient and knowledgeable. Unlike a lot of IT companies, Dennis always explains everything thing to you in detail, any problems arise they are there immediately resolving the issue. We recently switched our internet cloud backup service over to Eboxlab and what a difference. We don’t have to deal with the terrible service of other bigger companies – Dennis and his staff are always give us impeccable service!

Frank Albert

I had an incident where my MacBook air was dropped to the ground with my 2TB external hard drive attached. Thank god the laptop was okay, but my external hard drive wasn’t. I tried everything that I could to get my external hard drive to start working, but nothing.

I found Eboxlab on Google, and the reviews looked promising, so I made sure to drop by. I dropped off my external hard drive, and he kept me updated throughout the whole process. Fortunately, there was success with retrieving any data from my hard drive, and technicians also provided me a great and solid cloud backup solution.

Logan Davis

My business Dell laptop with all memory SSD died. No backups. I wanted the data recovered and this 1.5-year-old laptop, now out of warranty fixed.
Where I live, there are 3 computer shops that also repair computers, so says their sign. I wasn’t comfortable, so I simply googled ‘Denver data recovery’. Eboxlab was on top of the list. I took a chance and went there. The shop is right across from the Iliff and Wabash intersection.
I can tell you Eboxlab lives up to its stellar reputation. This is not a shop run by some kids but by a expert computer professional. I believe he has a PHD in some hard computer and aviation science. I told the owner that data recovery is very important. He said he would be extra careful.
The laptop was repaired in few days. All data recovered. OS Windows reinstalled, factory reset. the cost of repair was reasonable. i highly recommend this shop. all the best to you in your computer repairs.

Your Content Goes Here, Racheli Cohen

Dennis from Eboxlab is a fantastic (and affordable) IT support specialist and provides excellent support service for our business, network and IT security. In addition to building our new server, he set up our new network including VOIP, Firewall and Backup and linked integrated iPads.
We couldn’t have made a better choice for our law company and overall IT services.

Law Colorado

Denver IT Support & Consulting for your business!

For a business to thrive in today’s fast-paced and technologically dependent market your company needs to be connected. Eboxlab specializes in securing your IT infrastructure: we offer a unified series of services designed to get your office and your back-end in order. Whether you need support and repairs for your PC’s, Mac’s, printers, servers, and peripherals – we’ve got you covered.

With Eboxlab IT Support, you’ll be getting only the highest quality in service. Our fully professional staff is ready to provide any support you need including consultations, design, monitoring, upgrades, network setup, repair and installation. We provide a complimentary 30 minute IT consulting, so contact us today to see how we can get your business and your workflow optimized to the fullest.

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Our Data Recovery team can help you recover your data from almost any type of storage device. From easy-to-access external hard drives to the complex RAID 5 Servers, NAS storage, we can extract your data files and folders.

  • Desktop Hard Drives
  • Laptop Hard Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • PC, MAC or Unix platform
  • RAID 5, 1, 0, 10
  • Password Recovery
  • SSD Hard Drives
  • Flash, Memory Cards
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With Eboxlab Technolgy Support, you’ll be getting only the highest quality in service. Our fully professional staff is ready to provide any support you need including consultations, design, monitoring, upgrades, network setup, repair and installation.

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