Turbo Charge your PC

Turbo Charge your PC


Have you have had your computer for a while? Have noticed that it’s significantly slowing down? Overtime computers get filled with substantial amounts of useless information and dirt that bog them down. With our speed up or turbo charge your PC  support program we can take an old computer and make it run like new again.


  • Full Scan
    • We will scan your whole device and find the root cause of your speed woes. If we find something, we’ll tell you and let you decide if it should go.
  • Hardware Test
    • Full hardware test: hard drives, cooling fans, power supplies, RAM and CPU.
  • Deep Clean
    • Full clean of all interior components of your device. Laptops or desktops.
  • Multiple Solutions
    • We always try to find the best solution for you and your computer. We never recommend unnecessary and costly work.


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  • Provide clean sweep of unnecessary files
  • Test Hardware: Hard Drive, RAM, CPU, All interior Components
  • Provide solutions to speed up devices


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