Data Security Service

Data Security Service


Ensuring that your well protected should be a priority when dealing with technology. Are you sure that your antivirus program is keeping you safe? Are you sure that your kids are safe while browsing the web? What would you do if you had a breach right now? These questions are very real and very important. Here at Eboxlab we take security seriously and are constantly staying up to date with the newest threats. 

Our Data Security program was designed to give you peace of mind and a security net in case the worst happens. Our techs are trained with a working knowledge of viruses and countermeasures to combat them, all without losing data.


  • Virus Removal
    • If you think you have a virus we can identify and remove the potential threat while keeping your data safe.
  • Data Integrity Check
    • We will ensure that your data is protected after any compromise to your system.
  • Install Anti-Virus Program
    • We can recommend and install a variety of  antivirus programs to ensure that you are protected.
  • Internet Firewalls and AD Blocks
    • We can set-up a variety of ad blockers and firewalls to keep your children safe while browsing the web.


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  • Removal of viruses, Malware, Adware and spam
  • Provide 1 Time backup of data files
  • Add an Anti-Virus Program (per customer request)


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