IT Consulting

Why Hire an IT Consulting Company?

Since the first year of your new business is considered the “make it or break it” moment, you need to equip it with several important things to keep it running and achieve success. Whether your business is big or small, it is essential to connect with an effective IT consulting firm to help you evade the start-up pitfalls as well as technical hiccups that may prevent your company to grow.  After all, you have your hands full running Your business – Why take resources away from your mission when specialists are available to fill that role?

Let’s face it – Computer technology is a moving target and very specialized.  Even those in the profession take many classes and are constantly upgrading their skills so they can remain relevant in the field.  The small business sometimes makes the mistake of assigning technical tasks to ‘power users’ that exceed their competency.  The supervising manager usually cannot tell if they are suited for the task resulting in poor performance, substandard ROI and an insecure infrastructure that is not readily identified as such until later when more severe issues manifest themselves.

No Data – No Charge!

Eboxlab will eliminate unnecessary things and processes from the company’s IT system that causes deficiency in the productivity of the business.

Our team make ways to simplify and improve the flowing process of the business’ organization. This is to further enhance and support the infrastructure of a certain business to produce desired revenues.

Eboxlab will help a business identify the appropriate program to serve the business by conducting cost evaluation and help to get the best out of the program.

Eboxlab assist in the integration of the latest applications in the current business model. They do this smoothly while solving the incompatibility issues between the old and new system.

Our team will make effective plans in customizing and adding latest features to the software applications to meet the highest needs of your business while keeping the risks in sight.

Current companies support

CPA firms 25%
Construction 25%
Law / Legal 15%
Engineering 10%
Retail 10%


Windows Server and Desktop Installation and Upgrades, Network Install/Configuration, Licensing and Support


We offer a variety of pricing options for our onsite services including hourly, block hours and monthly contract rates


Cloud Storage, Desktop Virtualization, Virtualization Management, Office 365, Gsuite and more

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Eboxlab provides complete IT strategy, computer systems design and ongoing maintenance to simplify your business operations, increase efficiency and boost ROI.