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Eboxlab is a well established, Denver  based, video surveillance equipment supply and installation company. As an honest, service-oriented operation, Eboxlab team focus on delivering higher customer service, cutting edge products and installation services to all budget levels and project applications Specializing in custom in-wall wiring for existing structures, our technicians are trained to retrofit wiring infrastructure whenever possible to support anything from hard wired alarm systems to home networks. We stay on the cutting edge of style trends, wiring procedures, industry standards and information technology advancements to bring you a cutting edge video security in a highly competitive package. Looking to monitor employee productivity?

We can help. Running MMJ dispensary or growing facility – we helped local Colorado businesses since 2004. Stealing happening near your home or company office? Let’s record them before they see you. Need a babysitting cam or rental property cam to help with safety concerns at home, or a long range security camera to cover an open field or parking area? We got you covered!

IT Vulnerabilities

Installation of your Surveillance camera system, night vision cameras or long range security cameras is a job best done by our trained professionals. We have years of experience and an infallible reputation for delivering quality and consistency to every job. We provide network integration services for both Apple and PC networks and can get your DVR connected to the network for watching your system from afar using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Click or call for more info on getting a free on site-quote conducted at your location and let us put our talent to work for you.

Our Knowledgeable Security installation technicians can service, repair and replace components in your existing system to help make sure you have continued protection wherever you need it. Certified to work in homes businesses and venues, we can deliver quality work in a timely manner.

Our certified, professional Security camera system installers ask the right questions and take the guesswork out of installing dome, bullet and box cameras at your location. With full night-vision and weatherproof capabilities, our cameras can be the watchful eyes that never blink. Let a trained professional advise you on the best strategy to get the most protection for your dollar.

Customers choose for 2018

Complete IP based DVR 70%
NVR Solutions 10%
Cloud Based DVR 5%
Analog Solutions 5%
Custom based DVRs with preexisting network 10%

We Customize

Install, Service and Design Security Systems, CCTV, Video Surveillance & Other Security Technology throughout Denver Metro

HD & Hybrid DVR / NVR Recorder

Our Video Surveillance systems are designed to process video, audio and data from local and remote network surveillance environments. 


By integrate an intrusion detection system either to our mobile security solution or to a stationary security system.

Free Assessment with each install

Leave it to us to provide a thorough walk-through and determine the best configuration for your security camera system installation.