Internet Sourcing

Eboxlab has relationships with all the local and national internet service providers available at your location(s). Whether you are looking to increase bandwidth, improve reliability, or just reduce costs, Eboxlab can assist.

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Fiber provides the highest reliability and the lowest latency among different internet options. Fiber is extremely scalable and its bandwidth can be turned up to whatever amount is required. Lumen’s Fiber+ product provides a very affordable version of Fiber. Fiber can be difficult to find at an affordable price point, but Eboxlab has access to all fiber carriers and can quickly source the best pricing available at any location.

Cable / DSL

Cable (coax) brings high-speed internet to the masses at an affordable price point. Eboxlab can help businesses choose the right package of services to make sure your business isn’t paying for anything more than it should be. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) SD-WAN allows businesses to run their internet traffic over more than one service provider at the same time. It will optimize the usage of multiple internet circuits to send and receive data at the best speed possible. It will prioritize your voice and video conferencing services so that one employee’s music streaming does not use up precious bandwidth and affect others’ phone calls or Zoom meetings. If once connection drops out, the SD-WAN will automatically fail-over to the other connection, eliminating internet downtime within the organization.

Network Monitoring

Eboxlab offers automated network monitoring and ticket creation and management. Not only will our network monitoring service notify our clients if there is an outage, but it will also automatically create a support ticket with the right folks at the service provider. Say goodbye to long calls with support teams and let us resolve the issue for you.

Network Security

It is more important now than ever before to layer in additional protection for your network. Let EboxLab help implement a unified threat management solution to keep your network safe from both within the organization and outside of it.

Trusted Service Providers

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