Work from home: Videoconferencing with security in mind

With COVID-19 concerns canceling face-to-face meetings, be aware of the security risks of videoconferencing and how to easily overcome them At the time of writing one-third of the world’s population is enduring restricted movement to stem the spread of COVID-19. The lockdown has driven huge swaths of the working population to become remote workers, many for the first time. The sudden surge in employees, students, teachers, and many other professionals working from home is driving a huge increase in demand for videoconferencing, online collaboration tools and chat systems. On March 11th, Kentik (a network operator based in San Francisco) reported a 200% increase in video traffic during working hours in North America [...]

What happens when the global supply chain breaks?

If we can’t secure the supply chain, eventually everything else will break Recent events have illustrated the need for robust continuity plans, and while these events are still unfolding, it also brings to light the need for robust supply chain planning. A review of the r/sysadmin group on Reddit reveals comments from systems administrators that their orders for laptops, servers, networking gear are being delayed for at least one to two months… so far. And that is for large enterprises, whose purchase contracts typically extend out over several quarters. Smaller businesses may find it even more difficult to obtain computers. When your new PC shipments stall, for example, it creates a self-amplifying [...]

6 tips for safe and secure remote working

Getting cybersecurity right in the work-from-home world can feel daunting. ESET Chief Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe shares 6 best practices that will steer you in the right direction. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the daily habits of millions of people, and working routines are no exception. With millions of people suddenly switching to telecommuting, we’re witnessing a seismic shift in how people work. In the United States, only one in four full-time employees worked from home for around three hours per week in 2018. The percentage of remote workers has swollen considerably in recent weeks, and many people have to learn some new tools and tricks very quickly. In many cases, companies [...]

HPE issues fix to stop some SSDs from self‑destructing

If left unpatched, a firmware flaw in some enterprise-class solid-state drives could make data on them unrecoverable as early as this fall Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has warned its customers about a bug in the firmware of some of its SAS solid‑state drives (SSDs) that will render the drives dead once they reach exactly 40,000 hours of operation. In other words, from the time these SSDs are installed and start running, their operation time is exactly 4 years, 206 days, and 16 hours. The affected hardware is used in servers and storage systems. The good news is that HPE has released a critical firmware upgrade to rectify the issue. Based on the [...]

Public health vs. personal privacy: Choose only one?

As the world turns to technology to track and contain the COVID-19 pandemic, could this spell the end of digital privacy rights? Health organizations and governments all over the world are using technology to communicate, track, monitor and predict the spread of COVID-19. In recent years, data has proven to be a valuable resource – more valuable than oil in some instances – and the use of data to understand the movement of people and their interactions to help control the spread of infection during a global pandemic seems like an excellent use of technology. There are likely to be very few people who would object to the use of technology to [...]

Microsoft warns of two Windows zero‑day flaws

Updates for the critical-rated vulnerabilities, which are being actively exploited in the wild, are still weeks away Attackers are actively exploiting two previously undisclosed security vulnerabilities that affect all supported as well as some of the no-longer-supported versions of the Windows operating system, Microsoft announced in an out‑of‑band advisory on Monday. The security flaws, rated as critical, are being abused for limited targeted attacks. This would imply campaigns by advanced threat actors compromising carefully chosen targets. That said, citing the need to “help reduce customer risk until the security update is released”, the tech giant disclosed the flaws publicly. “Two remote code execution vulnerabilities exist in Microsoft Windows when the Windows Adobe [...]