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Who is calling? CDRThief targets Linux VoIP softswitches


ESET researchers have discovered and analyzed malware that targets Voice over IP (VoIP) softswitches. This new malware that we have discovered and named CDRThief is designed to target a very specific VoIP platform, used by two China-produced softswitches (software switches): Linknat VOS2009 and VOS3000. A softswitch is a core element of a VoIP network that [...]

Who is calling? CDRThief targets Linux VoIP softswitches2020-09-10T09:30:41+00:00

UK University suffers cyberattack, ransomware gang claims responsibility 


The cyber incident has taken most of Newcastle University’s systems offline and officials estimates it will take weeks to recover.  While students are slowly preparing to return to their universities and colleges after a prolonged absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Newcastle University in England has been left reeling from a cybersecurity incident that has affected almost all its systems.  The university first became [...]

UK University suffers cyberattack, ransomware gang claims responsibility 2020-09-09T21:17:04+00:00

Lead‑offering business booming as usual!


…but there are no conferences or exhibitions??? Being a regular presenter and visitor at conferences and exhibitions, it is not unusual for me to get unsolicited emails with offers to acquire the “verified” list of visitors or attendees, with function and contact details. Even for conferences and exhibitions I do not attend and often do [...]

Lead‑offering business booming as usual!2020-09-08T09:30:40+00:00

TikTok Family Pairing: Curate your children’s content and more


With TikTok being all the rage especially with teens, we look at a feature that gives parents greater control over how their children interact with the app In our previous article, we looked at how TikTok users can protect themselves using the available security and privacy options. However, besides adults, the platform is very popular [...]

TikTok Family Pairing: Curate your children’s content and more2020-09-07T09:30:41+00:00

Microsoft debuts deepfake detection tool


As the US presidential election nears, the company’s new tech should also help assure people that an image or video is authentic Microsoft has announced a new tool that’s designed to identify deepfakes and help combat the proliferation of doctored media on the internet. Dubbed Microsoft Video Authenticator, the new technology can analyze both photos [...]

Microsoft debuts deepfake detection tool2020-09-03T15:44:08+00:00

Houseparty – should I stay or should I go now?


What’s the benefit of deleting your Houseparty – or any other unused – account, rather than just uninstalling the app? When the coronavirus pandemic began, people took to Houseparty by the millions. Many of us weren’t allowed to meet anyone in person, so videocalling became an even bigger success and Houseparty was the front runner. [...]

Houseparty – should I stay or should I go now?2020-09-03T09:30:27+00:00

Norway’s parliament struck by hackers


Unknown threat actors were able to exfiltrate information from the email accounts of several parliamentarians Norway’s parliament, also known as the Storting, disclosed on Tuesday that it fell victim to an extensive cyberattack that targeted its internal email system. In an official statement addressing the incident, the legislature said that cybercriminals were able to access [...]

Norway’s parliament struck by hackers2020-09-02T13:27:44+00:00

KryptoCibule: The multitasking multicurrency cryptostealer


ESET researchers analyze a previously undocumented trojan that is spread via malicious torrents and uses multiple tricks to squeeze cryptocoins from its victims while staying under the radar ESET researchers have uncovered a hitherto undocumented malware family that we named KryptoCibule. This malware is a triple threat in regard to cryptocurrencies. It uses the victim’s [...]

KryptoCibule: The multitasking multicurrency cryptostealer2020-09-02T09:30:31+00:00

Security flaw allows bypassing PIN verification on Visa contactless payments


The vulnerability could allow criminals to rack up fraudulent charges on the cards without needing to know the PINs A team of researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) has found a security vulnerability in Visa’s EMV contactless protocol that could allow attackers to perform PIN bypass attacks and commit [...]

Security flaw allows bypassing PIN verification on Visa contactless payments2020-08-31T15:47:48+00:00

DDoS extortion campaign targets financial firms, retailers


The extortionists attempt to scare the targets into paying by claiming to represent some of the world’s most notorious APT groups Over the last few weeks, a cybercrime group has been extorting various organizations all over the world by threatening to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against them unless they pay thousands of dollars in [...]

DDoS extortion campaign targets financial firms, retailers2020-08-27T15:58:15+00:00

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